Extracts from letters of recommendations:

Sara Askelöf is one of Swedens finest actresses in her generation. She is very talented and professional and has a
strong presence - a powerful quality on the big screen.I believe she has got great potential for a successful film career.
Sara has my warmest recommendations.

Jens Jonsson, writer/director

Sara stood out in the midst of plenty talented actresses trying out for the part; much due to the rawness in her actions that completely contradicts her calm persona and modest demeanor. There's an interesting duality to her, a soft side and a more rugged one, that she managed to control to whatever amount I believed the scenes needed. Physically and emotionally.
I am looking forward to working with her again.

Sina H Pour, director

Sara was always a joy to work with and she displays undeniable talent and charisma.
In order for this production to succeed, the actor performing in this guest- starring role had to be able to master the distinctive blend of authentic drama and humor that defines the tone of the production, and Sara succeeded at this brilliantly.

Carl Åstrand, writer/director

Sara's professionalism to the mission and dedication to the character she played made it not only so much easier for others, but pushed me to strive for more and better. A multi- dimensional actress with wide range of variations and skills that challenge both the team around her and the audience. Hopefully there will be more collaborations on advanced levels with even more challenges.
Farshid Seilatani, director/writer